M. Stoeckl


Communication complexity, streaming algorithms, and understanding the additional power granted by randomness.


With P. Ghosh and A. Chakrabarti, Adversarially robust coloring for graph streams. Full version on ArXiv. Poster for a more general audience..

Preprints, as one of several authors: The Element Extraction Problem and the Cost of Determinism and Limited Adaptivity in Linear Queries, and Adversarially Robust Coloring for Graph Streams

As primary author: Readout models for BaFBr0.85I0.15:Eu image plates, in the Review of Scientific Instruments. Also 10.1016/j.nima.2019.04.046, in NIM A.


Math honors paper on the distinct distance problem. Some intermediate work. Interesting figures. A prime-dimensional box problem construction. A result on bounded round query complexity of pebbling on pyramid graphs. Lecture notes on the proof of the (improved) sunflower lemma.

GSOC 2019 blog/notes.

My research notes are available at "notes/research/research_notesXX.html", where XX is replaced by a %02d-formatted number.


Waypipe is a transparent proxy for Wayland applications, which enables workflows similar to ssh -X.

I also have some projects on: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, sourcehut, and gitlab.fd.o.